How to Prepare for the Winter Weather

By late November, some areas of the country are already experiencing freezing temperatures and are blanketed in snow. If you haven’t already started preparing for the onset of winter weather, it’s time you make these preparations before the cold sets in. Here are some things every homeowner should do each and every year.

Keep a Vigilant Eye on the Weather

Although you might not expect sub-freezing temperatures early in the season, just one solid freeze can ruin anything from those garden hoses left attached and filled with water to those gutters you forgot to clean. Accurate readings of temperatures where you live are vital. Remember, just because you checked on the Weather Channel for data on your zip code, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience much colder temperatures where you actually live. It’s time to invest in an accurate thermometer like those reviewed on

Clean Those Gutters NOW

If you haven’t gotten a lot of late summer or autumn rain, you might not think the weight of those leaves filling your gutters will do much damage. Unfortunately, that is erroneous thinking. As soon as the freezing rains or snows begin, those gutters will quickly fill up because the leaves will prevent adequate drainage. Gutters will break and/or fall, leaving your foundation and roofing system exposed. Keep an eye on that thermometer mentioned above to warn you when it’s time to get up that ladder to avoid any issues with your roof.

Put Everything Outdoors Up and Away

Not only can those hoses crack and break, but they can get in the way of shoveling walks and drives if left lying haphazardly around. The best advice is to unscrew them from the faucet, shake all excess water out and then put them somewhere above freezing to be stored for the winter. This includes putting any patio furniture or other outdoor items away that can potentially be ruined by heavy snows and freezing temperatures.

Weatherproof Doors and Windows

Weather stripping is not expensive, but it sure can save you much of the high cost of heating your home in the winter. Make sure to inspect every bit of weather stripping on every exterior window and door to ensure it isn’t cracked, torn or missing. This one task can save you several hundred dollars a season!

Clean Chimneys If You Have a Woodburning Stove or Fireplace

Too many house fires begin in chimneys, so if you use a fireplace or woodburning stove, have a professional chimney sweep inspect your chimney/s each and every year before you light a fire for the first time this season. Creosote buildup can quickly ignite and many home fires could have been prevented with a bit of precaution.

It’s already unseasonably cold in many areas and winter storms are already making their way down from Canada. The sooner you start preparing for winter weather, the better your protection will be. Get a handle on it now, keep a watch on those arctic temperatures, and once all is said and done, you can safely sit back to enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Remember what they say. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so get on it and you’ll have a healthy winter.

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