Cool Treats: 5 Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

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What’s better than a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie?  How about two cookies with a layer of vanilla ice cream between them?  Summer calls for an ice cream sandwich.  Here are five fabulously easy and delicious options.

I am a fan of just smashing ice cream between two cookies by hand, but most of these recipes will also work with ice cream molds if you have them.  I use store bought ice cream, but if you like to make your own from scratch, it works just as well and probably tastes even better.

1. S’mores Delight
You will need graham crackers, Nutella, marshmallow topping, and vanilla ice cream.  Spread the Nutella on four graham cracker squares.  Put the crackers in the freezer until the Nutella becomes hard.  Meanwhile, scoop out two scoops of vanilla ice cream and let soften.  Mix in a couple tablespoons of marshmallow topping.  Don’t go overboard here or the ice cream will get too runny.   Put the bowl back in the freezer until ice cream hardens.  All you have left to do is assemble.  Just spoon a little ice cream on each Nutella covered square and then top with another cracker.

2. Mint Chocolate Fun
You will need one batch of brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Bake the brownies as directed in a 13 x 9 pan so they are thin. Cool completely!  You can use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes, just remember you need two of the same shape to make a sandwich.  You can also simply cut the brownies into squares.  Spoon some ice cream on one brownie piece and top with another.  The brownies go well with regular chocolate chip ice cream if you are not a fan of mint.

3. Strawberry Dream
 You need shortbread cookies and strawberry ice cream.  If you are in a hurry, just put the ice cream between the two cookies.  If you have more time, you can let the ice cream soften a little and stir in some diced strawberries.  Let the ice cream refreeze before assembly.  You can dress these up by dusting pink sprinkles around the ice cream edges.

4. Peanut Buttery Bites
You need peanut butter cookies and chocolate ice cream.  I have not found a good store bought peanut butter cookie for this one, but slice and bake or a mix works great.  Just put the ice cream between the two cookies.  Amp up the chocolate factor by smashing the top cookie down just a little so that the ice cream extends out past the cookie and then roll the edges in mini chocolate chips.

5. Georgia Heaven
You will need peaches, sugar cookies, sugar, and vanilla ice cream.  Several hours before you want to make the sandwiches, dice up some peaches and sprinkle with sugar.  This will make them sweet and soft.  You have lot of options for the sugar cookies.  If you have a great recipe and time to make them from scratch, that is the most delicious option.  Store bought dough and mixes work well too.  You can cut out fun shapes or just make circles.  Let the ice cream soften and stir in the peaches.  Refreeze the ice cream, then assemble the sandwich.

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