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Tips for Safe Online Shopping

We all know how it is to shop offline. The pain of getting out of the house and going to the store to get the product we want is one of the most tiring things to do. But life has been made so much easier for us. We can order anything we want with just a click of a button. Online shopping has slowly gained popularity these days, and many people prefer to shop online for the various advantages it has over offline shopping. But let’s face the fact that we cannot trust everything on the internet. Online shopping is great, but you have to be careful so that you don’t flush your money down the drain. You can use some of the below tips for safe online shopping.

Use trusted and familiar sites:

There are certain sites which can be trusted. Try to shop from sites which are popular like Amazon, eBay etc. Such sites can be trusted, and they also offer return policies if your products are not of good quality. Do not be tricked into buying from some site you have never heard of like the picture they show on the website will never match the products they send you.

Do not give away all your personal information:

Online retailers are interested in your personal information, and you can give them your name and mail id, but you need to be careful if they happen to ask you for your social insurance number. No one will ask you for such details, and you need to be cautious not to give such information to the retailers.

Strong passwords:

Try not to use the same password for all the websites you log into. If your login information gets stolen, you are likely to lose the other accounts too. So try to have a strong password which is not commonly used. Have passwords which include both numeric and alphanumeric characters.

Check if the website is secure:

One of the best ways to check if your website is secure or not is to look at the “https” on the URL of the page. You can know that the page is secure when it has that extra “s” added. You can also look out for that padlock symbol which tells you that the site is secure.

Don’t believe extraordinary discounts:

It is true that retailers announce discounts to attract customers, but sometimes they are too good to be true. You need to take a moment and think if the deal is reasonable or not. Do not end up spending a lot of money thinking you are getting a discount.

Never click on un-trusted pop-up ads:

There are many scammers out there who lure you into clicking the pop-up ads. You cannot trust all the sites you are redirected to through the pop-up ads. Make sure that you have an ad-blocker enabled so that all the pop-ups get disabled.

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