12 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 50

1. Travel when you have the chance.
It has been proven in a study done by Cornell University, that people who spend money on experiences and travel are happier than those who spend it on material things. Experience the world. If you live in the South, go see the North. If you live in the West, visit the East. If you are really adventurous, visit a foreign country. You’ll never be sorry you took a trip to see the Grand Canyon, but you may be sorry you purchased that depreciating vehicle.

2. Take care of your skin.
This may sound ridiculous, but taking care of your skin in your youth ensures healthier skin as you age. Use sunscreen to help prevent premature aging as well as skin cancer. Learn how to wash your face properly and do it!

3. Learn a foreign language. 
Not only does this stimulate your brain, but it is also impressive to your children and grandchildren. Plus, you never know when it may come in handy.


4. Get into the habit of exercising. 
Trust us, we know the couch is very comfortable and is calling your name. But if you develop the habit of exercising at an early age, you will want to continue it as long as you can. Exercising is a proven method in reducing high blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar levels and strengthening bones.

5. Leave a toxic situation. 
If this doesn’t apply to you, that’s great! But there are a lot of people who stay in terrible jobs or relationships much longer than they need to. Nothing ages us more or makes unhappier than toxic relationships. Make it a point to get out getting help if you need to.

6. Stop caring what others think about you. 
You are unique and no one else is like you, so act the way you want to act. (within reason, don’t get too crazy!) First of all, no one is thinking about you as often as you may think, so live like no one is watching and enjoy your life.

7. Stop worrying. 
Worrying doesn’t do anyone any good at all. Not only that, but most things we worry about never even come to fruition. Don’t worry, be happy!


8. Volunteer. 
Whether it is at your child’s school, the soup kitchen or through a volunteer-based organization, volunteering changes you. There is nothing more fulfilling than giving of yourself and it makes you more appreciative of what you have. Want to further enrich your life through volunteering? Take along your children or grandchildren. They will always remember those times spent with you.

9. Spend time with your grandparents. 
Spend time with them and ask them questions about their life. You never know how long they are going to be here and they are your greatest resource when it comes to family history.

10. Pledge to work less.
No one ever says, “Gee, I wish I had worked more.” But a whole lot of people get to the end of their lives and say, “I wish I had spent more time with my family/traveling/doing the things I love.” Find a way to put down the spreadsheets and so more of the things you enjoy.

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